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Also idiocy, A LOT of sketches and fanart sometimes. I might or might not have an obsession with Greek gods and magnificent noses. I draw a webcomic about Hades and Persephone that pretty much sums up this obsession.

can be contacted at emedeme.art@gmail.com

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18th Sep 2014 2:01am 9 hours ago 13 notes

Online for a couple of hours!

Doodling and working on character design. Lurkers are welcome, company is appreciated. 

17th Sep 2014 11:58pm 11 hours ago 217 notes
Anonymous asked: I really want to see the 100DoN comic advance.

Okay I’m sorry I’m snapping at you but I’m going to stop this shit right here because I’ve been getting many similar messages lately.

Please don’t get me wrong because I’m INFINITELY grateful because people read my work and I even dare to say love my work. 100DoN is a very personal project I do with my best friend, and the fact that other people are enjoying it and are as eager as I - we - are to see it evolve and grow makes me SO FUCKING HAPPY. 

But again. 100DoN isn’t the only thing in my life. Yes. I do know we’re on a hiatus. I do know there haven’t been new pages since June. I do know we all want to see how the story continues. I. do. know. But some points here. 

In the first place. I’ve stated MANY TIMES that this is my art blog, and if you took the time to send this message, you also went to my ask box. In which we can read the message: 


Which means that this message doesn’t belong in this blog even though I sometimes reply stuff related to the comic specially if it has to do something to my art or whatever.


Why don’t we update? Both Bleu and I have lives - shocking, I know. I won’t speak for her but on my side, I’ve spent the whole fucking summer doing work at home. Painting, changing old floors, new light system, fixing furniture and stuff in general…in my house. Done mainly by my brother and me till we’ve been exhausted lying on the floor and falling asleep there between buckets of paint. Plus the edition of the printed book. Plus comic conventions. Plus helping friends with their own projects. Plus the little freelance work I have. Plus U KNO ALSO LIVING WITH MY SHITTY MENTAL AND PHYSICAL HEALTH. And more. I won’t bore you with the details. 

Oh, and also looking for an actual job. Like. A real job that gets me money so I can pay for school this year. Because in case you haven’t noticed, I don’t get paid for drawing this comic. Every page takes from 5 to 9 hours of my time. Even if I was paid just the minimum wage I’d get from 25 to 45 euro per page. And I get nada. I’m not complaining about this BECAUSE I FUCKING LOVE THIS COMIC AND IT’S ONE OF THE THINGS THAT KEEP ME SANE, but I’m trying to make you understand that making this comic is a job but it doesn’t pay for my needs and expenses. 

So yeah. I want to see the comic advance too. But it’ll happen when we can actually work on it, and on our own pace. 

Have a nice day. 

17th Sep 2014 4:20pm 19 hours ago 30 notes




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17th Sep 2014 12:56pm 22 hours ago 438 notes

Twi’leks are just so cool.

Twi’leks are just so cool.

17th Sep 2014 1:06am 1 day ago 16 notes
deapersefone asked: I recently discovered 100 days of night. I LOVE IT *^*

i’m happy you do, thank you! <333

17th Sep 2014 12:04am 1 day ago 2 notes
Anonymous asked: I miss Hades and Persephone so much!

me too me too

16th Sep 2014 4:14pm 1 day ago 11 notes


it’s been a busy month and i’ve missed drawing them like this.

14th Sep 2014 9:00am 4 days ago 344 notes


this is castlerook&#8217;s fault.


this is castlerook’s fault.

14th Sep 2014 3:58am 4 days ago 80 notes

The way Hades looks at Persephone gives me life tbh

14th Sep 2014 3:25am 4 days ago 50 notes

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