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Lots of sketches and works in progress. Fanart sometimes.

I might or might not have an obsession with Greek gods and magnificent noses. I draw a webcomic about Hades and Persephone that pretty much sums up this obsession.

Can be contacted at emedeme.art@gmail.com

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Anonymous asked: hello! i've seen your post about patreon but i'm not sure how it works? luv your art btw :DDD

hi non! thank you, i’m happy you like it!!!  uumm i’m still not sure myself but i’ll try to do my best!

patreon is a platform where you can support artists you like (i’ve seen some artists, musicians, youtubers… using it, for example). you become a patron: this means you pay some money for the “creations” - sometimes and in my case, monthly. 

it can be as little as you want and as big as you want. you can contribute with 1 or 2 dollars to this artist, 3 to that other one…whatever you want. and this grants you access to the artist’s content. depending on the artist, you can also access to different content or “rewards” depending on how much money you invest? it’s a bit like a kickstarter but for a person instead of a project?

i’m currently posting the things i do in class because, as i explained, i joined patreon to get some extra money to pay for school and i want to show you guys my progress. but i’m also posting full comic pages wips and previews and tutorial/procress videos :)

hope this helped. thanks for dropping by <3

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Well Isn’t That Some Shitty Quality?


Last night I reached (and passed!) 5000 followers while I was sleeping and I want to do something to thank you guys for staying and putting up with me. So I put together some prints and decided to have three prizes here

First prize: 100DoN poster + Guardians of the Galaxy poster. Three dwarves prints, two FMA prints and the other three you see in the picture.

Second prize: Same as the first prize, but no GotG poster.

Third prize: Same as the second prize but no FMA prints, sorry!

  1. You must be following this art blog.
  2. Yes. You can follow it now in order to have a chance in the giveaway. 
  3. Both likes and reblogs count. But please, don’t spam your followers and reblog only once everyday day.
  4. No giveaway blogs
  5. Your askbox must be open so I can contact you. 
  6. You must be comfortable with giving me your name and address… otherwise I can’t mail the prints to you.
  7. If within a week you haven’t replied or your askbox wasn’t open in the first place, I’ll choose some other winner. 

And that’s it. This will be running until November 1st at midnight, then I’ll post the names of the winners and will be messaging them in the following days. 

Good luck and thank you!

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i had to design an oc for class and then i gave him a pet and now i&#8217;m lost forever - SEND HELP.

i had to design an oc for class and then i gave him a pet and now i’m lost forever - SEND HELP.

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daleksandrainbows asked: I just really want to know, what happened to thanato's eyes? I don't know if you've already said it, but I'm curious.

i suggest you also check said blog’s faq and questions masterposts <3

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errantgoat replied to your post: guys i ship this so hard



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guys i ship this so hard

guys i ship this so hard

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genesischi asked: Um, someone sent you an ask about an old comic where Hades and Thanatos first got Cerberus - I don't think I've seen that one, how do I find it?

the masterpost and this blog are you friends.

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cocoaracne asked: My favorite thing is that old comic you drew when they first got Cerberus and little Thanatos completely loses his shit over the puppy. It's so adorable! <3

heheheh it’s one of my favorites too :_)

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katrinika replied to your photo “young hades and thanatos. ”

YEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!! Soooo CUTE!!! (is Hades and Persephone’s daughter gonna see him as her big brother) :D

he’s pretty much makaria’s way older brother who spoils her rotten.

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a-hawk-and-her-bow asked: I just saw your Hades Persephone comic and this is one of my favorite myths and I love it always believed strongly she made the decision. I love them in myths and are my Greek OTP. Do you have more comics of them I would love to read them all.

hey there! 

thank you, i’m happy you like it! it’s actually a webcomic called A Hundred Days of Night (tag: #100DoN) that my friend oerbayun writes and i draw. the official blog for all that mess is here, and this is a masterpost for all the side comic strips. have fun :)

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