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Also idiocy, A LOT of sketches and fanart sometimes. I might or might not have an obsession with Greek gods and magnificent noses. I draw a webcomic about Hades and Persephone that pretty much sums up this obsession.

can be contacted at emedeme.art@gmail.com

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This is supposed to happen the first time Persephone is back to the Underworld….so I went and made a sequel for a comic that hasn’t even happened yet. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey….

Did I regret anything? No. No I don’t. 

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EDIT: This was a silly strip I made for my friend and writer of our webcomic. I’m really tired of the comments regarding Hades kidnapping/raping Persephone in the ‘original’ myth. That’s not the point of the myth or our story, so I won’t be replying to any more comments about it. I said what I wanted to say here. If someone wants to discuss it privately, my askbox is always open. 

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